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Sonic Fanatic saying Hello :D

I thought I would say hello, I just joined the community today.

Sonic has been an ongoing love of mine since I was about 11 years old :X almost time to double that :X. Right now I'm on the on again phase and have had to catch up to the current games. I recently had to buy Adventure DX, Advance 2 and Heroes, I still need to pick up Advance 3.

I too am a bit of an artist *points to her user icon*. Since my Sonic phase is just starting again, I haven't been too up on it, but here's a few of my older ones:

First time drawing Sonic in his Soap shoes.
Amy with her original costume, new quill look and hammer. Probably the only picture of Amy I have and probably will ever draw :X.
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Personally, I don't like Amy that much I find her second only to Cream on the annoyance scale (In Heroes at least).

Lately I haven't been drawing a lot, hence why those pictures are from 2002 :X. But I'd be happy to give Rouge a try here at some point ;).

Deleted comment

Rather then completely retyping it I'll just give you a link. :)
i too am a fan of sonic! i write fanfics and draw as well!
I've written a fic but I don't care to share it because I feel it doesn't tell my character's story properly.
i will share mine with you when i am done! um, is your pic an echidna?
That's actually Sara, my hedgie :D

oh, that is so cute!
Thank you :) I really do wish I could go back to 2002 when I used to draw a whole lot ;__;. Right now I just don't have the motivation to draw as much as I used to.
hey would you mind if i added you?
You're welcome to :)
Wow! Fantastic pictures!
Thank you so much :D