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emerald_hill's Journal

Sonic The Hedgehog Community
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A community for lovers of Sonic the Hedgehog. Old games, new games, it's all good! Post whatever you like, though there are a few rules:

1. No Community Advertising. My community is not an advertising route and I don't like it to be used as one. So please feel free to post things except this.

2. Master the art of cutting. LJ-cutting,
that is. If you have a rather large picture you want to post, put it behind a cut. Some people have very full friends lists, and don't want their lists clogged with pictures.

3. Don't flame or harass people. This one is a given. Don't do it. Or I will ban you, no questions asked.

If any of these rules are broken, you'll have me to deal with. :E

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